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You've found the secret page!  Okay, so it's not much of a prize, or a secret for that matter, but this is where you can find out some neat things about the creator of this page, quin Kermott.  And you get to see the rabbit.

quin's Poetry

This is quin.  He really likes Poor Old Lu (in case you didn't guess).  He likes a lot of other groups too, but I'm not gonna mention them right now because most of them are on the links page anyway.  quin is 18 years old, and is in his freshman year at the University of California in Irvine.  He's currently majoring in mathematics and would like to teach high school calculus after he finishes college.
Special thanks to those who inspired quin to build and maintain this page:
Poor Old Lu, Jessica, Cindi, Matt(Bob), Christina,
and first and foremost,
Anything else you want to know about quin?
E-mail him.

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quin's Poetry

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