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These are just a few of my favorite songs from various releases by Poor Old Lu, some of which have been slightly tweaked/remixed by yours truly.  In order to listen to them, you must have Winamp or another media player that is compatible with mp3 files.  If your browser does not automatically download this type of file then you can click on the link and it should take you to a download page with another link that you can click on that'll get the mp3 for you.  I strongly recommend that you download the sounds before listening to them.  Enjoy.
All songs are used by permission from Poor Old Lu.  However, in accordance with copyright laws and whatnot, I must insist that you delete the mp3s after 24 hours unless you own the actual albums.  Sorry, them's the rules.

In Their Final Performance
All Pretty For The TV
A Picture Of The Eighth Wonder
Joy I Had Was Joy I Sold
(my remix)

Hello Sunny Weather
(my remix)

Straight Six
Bliss Is
(weird mix)

Where Were All Of You
(rock mix)

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