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quin's Poetry

quin likes to write poetry a lot.  These are just a few of his poems.


Father God, forgive us, we know not what we've done
we've followed all Your laws, and we've loved everyone
we've kept Your word sacred, no matter what the cost
and we've estranged all of those who we have seen as lost
they've never understood why we follow through our ways
but we leave them in the dark as we carry on our praise
and as we let them sit in silence and wonder about the Son
we whine about the pain we have and wonder what we've done

Father God, forgive us, we must have been insane
we thought to be like Jesus, but acted more like Cain
we never even saw it until it was too late
and when You blessed us still, we gave credit to fate
we looked to the stars for answers while Your grace hit us like rain
and whenever things went wrong, You were the one to blame
we looked for reasons why, without asking the Son
and decide it's not our fault but we know what we have done

Father God, forgive us, we never even tried
we said that we would keep Your laws but we obviously lied
we said life was a roller coaster, sat back, and enjoyed the ride
and in the end it was Your name that we three times denied
we saw You on the scaffold, but we didn't know just why
You hadn't committed any crime, still we chose the other guy
for the sins of the world You bore the pain of the thorn in Your side
in truth it was our ignorance for which You boldly died.


i don't want anyone to see me
as i cry in my broken down state
this is the part i hate

this is where my life starts caving in
all my deeds come crashing down on me
and i'm starting to see

i see them come down fast
because i just walked past
when i was standing so tall
and now i sit and watch the flowers fall

i remember when i was perfect
i could've taught the world a thing or two
i just wish i knew

all the lost souls crying out to me
i kept walking in my righteousness
i couldn't even guess

the air blows through my hair
as i fall quickly through the air
and i can't help but start to cry
as i look down and watch the flowers die

i can't pretend to be perfect
when i try i'm only in the way
and then i have to pay

i'm bound to live a servant's life
to make sure the other servants know
and then the flowers will grow

gone away

look where i've been
what i've done all along
it's not my best work
i'm really not proud

it glows in the dark
it catches your vision
a sure fire hit
it plays to the crowd

"he wants one for Christmas" said mommy to daddy
"we just can't afford it" he said in reply
"we must give him something" said mommy to daddy
"we just couldn't" and daddy started to cry

a marvelous thing
it's all one could hope for
picture perfect gift
but no one will buy it

what everyone wants
but no one will ask for
what everyone needs
but no one can try it

"save it for his birthday" said daddy to mommy
"he needs it right now" she pleaded with him
"i just couldn't do it" said daddy to mommy
"he must have it now" they both cried again

the greatest invention
what good will it do me
it caters to only
the ones without need

a useless perception
a dead rotten vision
it served no great purpose
it planted no seed

life in a day

the sun shines through the window
and falls gently on her face
she's waken by the warmth provided
solely by His grace

and in her imperfection
she starts a brand new day
she rolls from bed, falls on her knees
and with closed eyes, starts to pray

"Father i'm a sinner
i love Your every word
i love to praise Your name
and i sing the songs i've heard

make me great today
let me do Your will
help me see the ones without You
let me love them still"

so she walks out the door
and briskly passes by
the ones who need Him most
the souls destined to die

"Father God, forgive me"
she silently does pray
"i have been saved by grace
but i'm not very gracious today"

at work, later that day
she had to take a stand
the ones who lived by worldly ways
she had to reprimand

but on she went in judgement
her pride she had to please
the minute she got home
the floor absorbed her knees

"Father God, forgive me"
again she closed her eyes
"the things i said this morning
were obviously lies

but i'll try again tomorrow
i swear i'll do my best
tomorrow won't be like today
tomorrow i won't rest

until i do my one good deed
until i serve your will
until i make up for today
i will never be still"

and so she went to sleep that night
and woke up the next day
rolled out of bed, fell to her knees
the same prayer she did pray

"Father i'm a sinner
i love Your every word
i love to praise Your name
and i sing the songs i've heard

make me great today
let me do Your will
help me see the ones without You
let me love them still"

but she didn't end right there today
she added one more line
"today is gonna be different, God
i won't fail You this time"

she left her home with joy that day
she clothed the naked and fed the poor
but at day's end she wasn't pleased
"i'm sorry, God.  i should've done more"

and God looked down and said "hold on
I know you love to do My will
your heart is in the right place
but don't punish yourself, instead be still

I love you now and always will
I look down upon you and can't help but smile
you've strived for years to please My heart
but now it's time to rest, My child"

with that He breathed His precious will
her lifeless body fell to the ground
and though her heart would beat no more
it was worth it to hear the trumpets sound

she heard His voice say "welcome home"
and angels sang aloud with glee
she knew she couldn't have done enough
for works don't buy eternity

she asked "my God, what have i done
to deserve this life that is so true?"
He said "you have done nothing, child
I gave you this because I love you"

my friend

my friend, step away, i don't want to see you in pain
though i know things can never be the same
i trusted you and you turned your back on me
what did i do?  please show me what i can't see
i don't know why  but i had to let you know
what's on my mind and what troubles my heart so
if you must make this message our last relay
step away

my friend, step away, i can't let you see me cry
leave me alone, i don't even want to try
to bring you back so i can plead my case to you
i told it all and now there's nothing i can do
so if you feel that you must then step away
cause i can't take this and i've nothing left to say
i never thought that so quickly it could end
my friend

my friend, how are you?  have you read my letter yet?
i need to kill this anxiety and regret
it's all so new and i'm sorry it came so fast
but i can see now that things are going to last
i don't know why but i had to let you know
you were surprised but you seemed to let it go
and i don't know if there's something more to say
but not today


i think i might be sane
a prospect i'd never considered before
i've done it again
but i don't want to do it anymore

it's not fair
i really don't care
there's must in the air

i'm falling asleep
my eyes are heavy but i can't close them yet
i'm in way too deep
before the sun falls i must pay my debt

i can't see
i've lost it maybe
or has it lost me?

the rain comes down
washes away all the dirt from my being
intriguing rebound
had i turned crazy or had crazy turned me?

i'm made clean
i can't help thinking
i just want to sing

i will cling
to Jesus my King
stones for my sling

26 Twisting Boxes

54 colored squares
placed together with great care
everything matched, but now has tumbled
all sense of control has been fumbled

angry red turns to blue depression
fearful white follows a cowardly yellow session
all the fear makes me greenly nauseous
for i ignored orange when it said "be cautious"

scattered colors make it hard
for screams of emotion to get very far

a need for order fills my life
to rematch the colors and end the strife
for when colors are jumbled their screams seem absurd
but when they are whole they are easily heard

but i've found the One that makes colors distinct
Who can separate emotions but still leave them linked
to solve the puzzle, ending the madness
so caution softens anger and brightens the sadness
where masterful hands gently rotate each side
so that every emotion has its own place to reside

and when my life in His hands has revolved
the cube called my life will be finally solved

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