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  Sometimes Cry
don't delay for a minute
cause if you do i'll know you're too far into it
i mean the world around us
the world around
to keep your head above water
to be humble amidst tears and laughter
sometimes we need to hide
sometimes cry
run away
far away
to Yahweh
He's my hideaway
yeah, you've turned around again
well i can feel it inside
in His side
and i'll tell you what He sees
but first i must fall down on my own knees
let me hold your hand
holding our hands
i need to lower my head
i don't know if i can
i've been so lost
i don't know if i can
i really have to fall
i don't know if i can
i'll say it again
i don't know if i can
and now we're losing time
no, we can't say we never got a sign
the love is all around us
and it surrounds us.

Bartholomew Higgins
if you want to see what i am saying
focus then, on our decision
blindness, greed, and empty feelings
they're all ours and where are we now
if you wanna see just listen
to the light i can see glistening
again and again to war for our freedom
i haven't got my peace of mind
i tell you this and you tell me
to come inside it's warm and nice

Cannon-Fire Orange
sailing away
towards uncertainties
uncertain seas
change today
traveled to that land
took it all second hand
i fought for cover
then i ran, ran, ran
found a love colored me whole
no more cannon-fire orange,
cannon-fire orange, cannon-fire orange
does a flower grow
in the winter snow
or go away
never again to show
can it be found
below the frail ground
when we look away
is it around
for now i see what needs to be
no more cannon-fire orange,
cannon-fire orange, cannon-fire orange
i'm counting the days
to discover the ways
how the fire turns cold
like i've been told
the flame burns the tree
i don't know what to be
'someone' holding the match
'someone' is me
so i cannot stand
without the help of His hand
no more cannon-fire orange,
cannon-fire orange, cannon-fire orange

Never Said
in the summer's chill
we say the winter kills
but we don't know ourselves
well enough to know if this is true
ask a question here
and get an answer there
well it can take us years to
get to the One that sees us thru
you never said which things were real
i don't always know what's real to me
Someone right here said that He is gonna stay
you never said which things were real
i don't always know what's real to me
Someone right here said He's willing to explain
take a moment now to step out
think what everything is about
turn again to face the proud
they're saying now that they don't know
where to put our hands
who to tell us when and should we can
but we will lose our heads
from watching our confusion grow
does the headache know
do our faces show
that all we think we need
is just the things we want
sometimes i feel so gone
and my ways are often wrong
we've just got to realize
there's Someone more in this song

This Theatre
this theatre
is so run down
the grabbing hands
oh the people of this town
my costume is on
and the scenery shines
they all wait for me
to say my lines
countless in numbers
are the laughter and tears
the emotions so differ of he who hears
i laugh in fear
as i cross the stage
my whole life's been used
just to reach this age
and now i'm stepping in
to begin again
and i start to cry
will this ever end
i dance and i dance
and i sing and i sing
i hope my conscience won't let me
keep this masquerade going
i finish my part
and the lights go down
and once again
i'm just a clown

and then the rain falls down
into welcome hands on my lips
and in the distance i see clearer skies
oh, and i wonder do they come for me
majestic kingdom fall on me
lie me down and make me see
right above me the eye of the storm
my one and only my only love
but a single drop changes it all around
oh, and i feel so insecure
and soon there shines a light behind the clouds
and i reach and i pray
that someday we'll all find
the light that we've been looking for

A Snowfallen Desert
in this world
are so strong
little girl
look beyond
the dimming lights
keep this song
and know it's right
crash down
in this town
deadness rings knows the frown
second nature, second thoughts
hold the key with love that's not
so you shiver
and it's cold
like the world
as you were told
and you love
and you hear
but do you listen
is He near
there are reasons there are signs
no need to read between the lines
fill the heavens with your tears
and your cries oh yes He's near
where are you going
tell me what do you find
well i can tell you
it's just a waste of time
and if you don't mind,
and if it's all the same to you my friend
i won't play this game
still you run

It's Simple To Me
well everything's so crazy in our heads
and sometimes i wonder if i should be dead
but i know that you know that we know why we live
and that is to be in all that He's said
the world is gray
here and gone today
the Son is here
He'll never go away
can we ever try, and do we know
that the things we want are beginning to show
we are all rich people now
but the eye of the needle is the way to go
well i could talk forever cause it's simple to me
and very often the things we know we can't even see
we hardly open up our eyes
and He's dazzled me with all that i can be

i've been standing here so long
i don't know where i've been
and i've been looking around so long
i don't know what i've seen
can i chase away the blues
and will i understand this
been here, there, everywhere
can i get back to His side?
it's alright
i've been turning around so long
i don't know which way is right
we've been tripping around so wrong
i know we've lost our sight
can He chase away the blues
and will we understand that
we've been here, there, everywhere
got to get back to His side

To Be Awake
well i'm a happy man
so will i ever speak my mind
but i know that we
just haven't got the time
to be awake
to be ashamed
will you?
this world wants to drown me with
the things it's thinking of
so now i don't want to see or breathe
in this place that cannot love
i would rather lose my life
than to ever, ever lose my mind
but in this world, in this land
it's our thoughts that we cannot find
so you see me run away
and you wonder why i am scared
well, i just can't help but think about
the things of which we're not aware

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