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Oblivious to some things more in store
And when I wept I knew not what or when or why what for
Is this earth so great though it will not last
Through crashing walls what stands is
one good thing one way one chance
And glimmer shining up and through the floor
Will run and hide and fade just like He said it would before
And now my head is really spinning fast
I lived it all for me and now it simply moved right past
Seeing, revealing
More is here today
Distance, no wisdom
I pushed true life away
"Wonderful" have I missed and I ignore
And "terrible" was my word and was my life I became poor
Self was in my hands and then it passed
I'm left with picture perfect thought of what we think we have
Imagine when I found I'm no savior
Imagine when I knew and saw and fell before the Lord
Myself none of any good my world crashed
I lived it all for me and so it simply moved right past.

I see the wealthy guy
The world in his eyes
He need not contain no pain or shame
"And never will," I cry
And I'm a dirty word
You know I'm so absurd
If I write things off as meaningless
So I'm never heard
Stare and no care into nowhere
Round and round pounds the sound inside
We never give it up
Well, I can never live up and the box won't shut up
Ground me out without a doubt
We never give it up
So I didn't need a book to get the certain look
Well, I just tune it in
So this is what it means to live
And I am really free
Cause you and me are we and how
We always fit right in
So this is what it means to live
And now I'm turning blue
Without a thing to do
Cause I'm wrapped, enthralled and my brain it stalls
I can't think it thru
Give me a second chance
I'll learn your happy dance
Cause I want to be in, forget the sin
You'd think I'm in a trance
Have you got the ears to hear
And would you draw so near
Cause it's got things to say and us to change
You know you needn't fear
So make your senses soft
And never turn it off
Just step inside and join the ride
Here's our real God.

What is special now?
Well, I think that I am
And I see that we all revolve around me
And what I have in my hands is what I deserve
There's no better way to be
I say, so good to see me
Now I feel I've given so many, so much
Well here's my hands
I want more, more, more
Can you see that I am tired of being small?
That's how only you should be
I say, it's so good to see me
What is up and up for you
Does hold me down
Stay awhile and see that my words gleam
You know my mind is tired of the same old sounds
That's how you wanted it to be
I say, it's so good to see me.

You said, "I love the world"
"I love what you've done for me"
you let my grip go
And played the piano keys
Couldn't even see
Boxed in by a fantasy
Scared of real love
You're dead by your destiny
Now shuffling around
Shaking like a tambourine
Confused like the tide
By every star you've seen
You took on the world
It took you by surprise
Like the day you fell
And tears fell from my eyes
Standing so tall
You said, "Yes I'll salute you King"
Lost in a forest
In love with the greenery
Apart from the crowd
Never caught looking around for a scene
Like loneliness you're sinking
I cried of your sin
And every other thing that held you down
Down so far from me
Take diamonds right now
But I promise eternity

Don't delay for a minute
Cause if you do I'll know you're too far into it
I mean the world around us
The world around
To keep your head above water
To be humble amidst tears and laughter
Sometimes we need to hide
Sometimes cry
Run away
Far away
To Yahweh
He's my hideaway
You've turned around again
Well I can feel it inside
In his side
And I'll tell you what He sees
But first I must fall down on my own knees
Let me hold your hand
Holding our hands
I need to lower my head
I don't know if I can
I've been so lost
I don't know if I can
I really have to fall
I don't know if I can
I'll say it again
I don't know if I can
And now we're losing time
No, we can't say we never got a sign
The love is all around us
And it surrounds us.

She might have been a princess
She might've been here with us
Or ride so high and far away
Is she sleeping safely?
Is her sky the same way?
Does she know now my own fear?
She might've seen the ocean
If I'd had the notion
To listen closely and obey
I don't know love - do I?
He might have had the stars in
In his eyes and within
He might've been my brother now
Jesus will you hold him?
Showing that you love him?
Careless I have been with words
He should not see the weather
His joy should last forever
Please give him reason to go on
Well is my treasure ever
Any good if I'll never
Have the love to give away?
We might've seen the ocean
I know I've had the notion
But I don't know love
So what's to say?

What kind of lies have led your despise
Have stung your mindsize
Tried and true no gain
Yes it's true that things are upset
Wrapped in substance
Please call His name
This sort of drug has got you thinking
Well I think you're sinking
And it's all the same
It's simple now you think you need it
Well I think it's sickness
Please call His name
Blue now thru and thru
And I see you're gone
Content in a reason bent
Please don't take too long
Another trip, another day lost
And in whose cost?
What do you claim?
Well I believe in truthful glances and second chances
Please call His name
Feelings of joy, mindless toy
Could you get by, and never get high
Could you restrain, would you complain
Feelings of joy, life unsoiled
My Lord gives a new life
Don't, don't take a long time
Stop it's always me and me
Like the other song
He shines with grace and peace
So don't take too long.

Inside my selfish thinking
In the middle I'm always sinking
I am so far down I can't escape
But all around the trees are falling
Too much sunshine comes in
And so I wait another day
What is brightest in my life
And what will I receive (tomorrow)
If I'm Spirit filled will I be so content (so content with sorrow)
Crucial is my mind on Christ
So much He had to (He had to die)
Buildings empty, standing tall
Precious people breathe and fall
What will you have when all is thru?
Or maybe then I save the sea
For other people after me
Instead I am never living now
Turn my eyes and to the stars
Is there life so very far?
Or better is there any very near
It is this so understand me
Christ gave so we can be free
And will I wait another day
Is this love?
Is this life?
This world's already gone
This world needs the Son
But we have so many things to do?
And so enough of flower power
Step on ways that make us sour
We cannot wait another day.

Well I'm a happy man
So will I ever speak my mind
But I know that we just haven't got the time
To be awake, to be ashamed, will you?
This world wants to drown me with the things it's thinking of
So now I don't want to see or breathe
in this place that cannot love
I would rather lose my life than to ever, ever lose my mind
But in this world, in this land
It's our thoughts that we cannot find
So you see me run away
And you wonder why I am scared
Well, I just can't help but think about
the things of which we're not aware

I've been standing here so long
I don't know where I've been
I've been looking around so long
I don't know what I've seen
Can I chase away the bluse?
And will I understand this?
I been here, there, everywhere
How can I get back to His side?
It's alright
I/ve been turning around so long
I don't know which way is right
We've been tripping around so wrong
I know we've lost our sight
Can He chase away the blues?
And will we understand that?
We've been here, there, everywhere
We got to get back to His side.

What is it like when it's gone?
All the day and the night and the song
And what seems so real
Is what keeps us from the dawn
Truly I know it sometimes
I see the reasons and signs
That this world can only turn so many times
In a simple way
Though I be so wrong
Though I turn away
I know where I belong
Feelings all around in me
Do this, do that, and you'll see
That it's hard to find
Just what we need where we seek
I'll say it again that I've tried
To find the right ways on this ride
Where we're upside down
And we still will try to hide
In a simple way
Though I be so wrong
Though I turn away
I know where I belong
And the Son will shine
And the reign won't fall
And I know inside
How He loves us all
Our hands will get so that they
Can't pull us up all the day
We need to find that now we have to say.

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