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These wonderful words
Are not magical
Oh so spiritual
And indivisible
I get so confused
When I see you
Center of your ways
Just the Center of your ways

I can't see you
I can't see you

My life is going up up
Oh to climb the walls these days
It's love - it's God
And I'm in it all
Who is your lord?
What's on your hands?
It's not the Blood of Christ
But the happiness of man

I can't see you
I can't see you

Paper-thin faith in nothing
Yet a chance to have it all
Please don't run away
When His love is so tall
You keep a cross around you
The new symbol, new style
Just stop for one moment
Think of this awhile

I can't see you
I can't see you

Four-leaf clover at your hip
From a factory of candlesticks
Luck-o'-the Irish upon you
Take the common horseshoe

A sermon from the blue light
As if they know wrong and right
Sing along

They persuade with their tears
They're all my worst fears
And another foot's gone away
Buy one more that same day

And all those stars above
Tell you who to and not to love
And revere to the astronomers
Plus their followers

All your riches
Have gone to your head
You should know you've been misled
The rules of your game stay the same
And morale is just fame

This theatre
Is so run down
The grabbing hands
Oh, the people of this town
My costume is on
And the scenery shines
They all wait for me
To say my lines

Countless in numbers
Are the laughter and tears
The emotions so differ
Of he who hears

I laugh in fear
As I cross the stage
My whole life's been used
Just to reach this age
And now I'm stepping in
To begin again
And I start to cry
Will this ever end

I dance and I dance
And I sing and I sing
I hope my conscience
Won't let me
Keep this masquerade going

I finish my part
And the lights go down
Once again
I'm just a clown

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